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Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Call Tracking measures where your phone calls are coming from. Assign unique phone numbers to each marketing campaign or website and determine what efforts are really generating leads and sales. Route an unlimited number of trackable phone numbers to your main phone line and then use reports to track which calls came from which marketing channel.

Measure inbound phone calls generated from:

  • PPC campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Radio advertisements
  • Print advertising
  • Television advertisements

Benefits of Call Tracking:

  • Call Tracking does not require any change to existing phones or phone systems
  • Maximize ROI by examining where your calls are coming from
  • Generate detailed reports to find which channels are providing the best results
  • Set up Call Tracking in minutes through the web

Features of Call Tracking:

  • Access real-time reports 24/7
  • Integrate Call Tracking with GoogleTM Analytics
  • Download multiple reports in different formats or integrate reports into your analytic platform
  • Create campaign specific call answering and routing
  • Receive a scheduled emailed report of caller statistics
  • Use whisper messages to inform the recipient which campaign or where each call is coming from

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